Prioritise a good sleep each night

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10 Jul
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leeping should be in one of Maslow's hierarchies of needs. In fact, if we were to do a hierarchy of needs for the working from home business person we might put sleep at the bottom of the pyramid (most important along with wifi!)

Prioritise 6-8 hrs sleep each night

Sleep for increased productivity

When under a high workload, it's easy to put off the amount of sleep we have. Burning the midnight oil seems like a great idea at the time, but trust me, from experience, it catches up with you.

You're far better off being strict on your bedtime and making sure you're aiming for between 6 and 8 hours sleep (whichever is your perfect amount).

Having a set bed time also gives you a deadline for the work to be completed. So as long as you have given yourself enough warning of how much time you have to complete a task, you should be in good stead to have it completed by bedtime. That's Parkinson's Law - the idea that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.

So having a compulsory bedtime can be great for enhancing productivity if you're working into the evening.

Why do we need sleep? What's the main benefit?

We need sleep in order to let the body rest and recharge. There are processes that cannot be carried out whilst we are awake.

The main benefit is renewed energy, recovered muscles, and a clear head which allows for more efficient learning and sharper focus.

It also gets rid of bags under eyes (so does stopping drinking coffee) and improvers skin complexion.

How much sleep should you get?

Studies have shows that on average an 8 hour sleep is the ideal amount for a full recovery. It does depend from person to person though and the time of year and hormonal balance.

What actually happens when you sleep?

From what I understand the brain removed the build up of proteins, the muscles restore and memories get processes and put into medium term storage. This is done though the brain going into a particular frequency known as Delta. This process resets and refreshes the body allowing increased concentration and focus.

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11 Apr
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15 Jul

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