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13 Jul
Harvest window
Artemisia vulgaris L.

ugwart is excellent for winding down.

Pick the flower bud heads as shown in the photo below. Steep in nearly boiling water.

A friend gave me a bag one with mugwart and some small rose reads in - it smelt and tasted divine.

An experience with mugwart

I was at a mini festival with friends in 2021, it was late at night and a friend had just put his drunk friend to bed and came out to realise that everyone else had gone to bed. He was still not ready to retire! He grabbed a couple beers and signalled to me to continue the party!

I invited him into my tent.

We sat down and I kindly refused the beer. We quickly because engaged in conversation as I proceeded to put the kettle on and make us a cup of mugwart tea. My friend was, as many are, reluctant to want to try this tea however this particular friend seemed interested in what I had to say about it.

I explained how it was a central nervous system relaxant and how I had become accustomed to the tea from a tea ceremony I once attended at Coed in South Wales. I told him about it's properties that help the remembering of dreams and how I often used it on an evening when I needed to calm down to get ready for bed.

I made the tea, we waited for it to cool and began to drink it. My friend was such a good friend and drank all of it with no complaints. His beer was left opened but barely drank.

Within about 3 minutes of drinking the tea, he quite surprisingly, said his good buys and declared "I'm ready for bed! I can feel it already!" and bid me a good night.


Can be used to smudge (tied into a bunch with thread, dried and then burnt to cleanse the air).

This is excellent to wind down your nervous system.

Promotes remembering of dreams.

Great as a tincture (extracted and strengthened in alcohol), between 2 and 5 drops recommended depending on the strength.

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