Quick and easy 7 day productivity hack challenge

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6 Jul
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It's always good to try different things when you find your productivity wanes. Why not have a go at this challenge?

Write down:

3 things you did well today that mattered

2 things you wish you could have done better and what that would have looked like

1 thing you learned

This reflection helps you see the impact you have made, the benefits of your choices, and the learning and growth you have achieved.


Get something to write on for the next 7 nights and put it by your bed or somewhere that you'll definitely see.

Make a promise to yourself that for the next 7 nights you will do this task. Even if you just write a couple words for each and do it really roughly, you'll be surprised what it does to your state of mind when done on a continual bases.

Think about investing in a nice notebook or diary so that you can keep a log of your actions and take pride in this process.

Why is this so effective?

Reflecting on what you have done can sometimes be more effective than setting goals.

It serves as a steering point to bring you back into the now and remind you that another day has passed.

Sometimes we have days where we feel that we haven't made much progress which can be demotivating and lead to a chain of unproductive days.

This habit serves as a reminder that there are always things in a day that we do that matter and it brings us into more practical alignment rather than getting swept away by the uncomfortable feeling that we haven't achieved the huge ambitions that we set out to achieve which can often end up being counter productive.

If you can manage this for 7 days I would love to hear how you got on in the comments below.

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12 May
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15 Jul

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