Standing Desk or Sitting Down? Which is better?

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6 Jul
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ctually I think the best option is to have the choice to sit OR stand and to try a sit-stand desk that you can adjust between the two.

This way you can build yourself up to standing for longer and longer each day as your body adapts.

Main things to consider regarding your posture:

  • Position the top of the monitor at eye level
  • Set the height so that your elbows are at 45o
  • Stand on something squishy if that feels more comfortable than a hard floor

Try standing until you feel tired and then have a break.

Don't slump whilst in the standing position, this is a sign your core is weak/tired so try sitting if you notice your leaning on the desk.

You want to remain upright with your head up as much as possible - if reading from a notebook, try propping it on a stand so that you're not straining your neck trying to read it.

Why you should be standing more

Sitting for long periods of time can cause a whole host of issues.

A lot more of us are working from home and without a commute to work, we tend to move less and sit more.

Have you noticed any back pain or other discomfort? It could be due to sitting for too long.

Looking after your spine is critical.
Keeping your core strength up is critical.
Making sure you aren't sat all day is critical.

Benefits of a standing desk

  • Better posture.
  • Shoulders are further back so you breathe deeper.
  • Increased blood circulation (as you aren't restricting the blood supply to your legs)
  • Stronger core
  • More energy
  • Increased concentration


Keep your posture upright with shoulders back when stood at your desk. The moment you start slumping, move around, stretch or think about sitting for a bit in order to rest.

Build up the time you're standing at the desk.

Look up core exercises to strengthen your mid section to help with your strength whilst standing.

Try sticking a yoga mat on the floor next to your standing desk and invite yourself to have a stretch when your mind wanders.

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12 Apr
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15 Jul

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