A recent gong sound bath I attended
Paul Walsh
Author & Speaker
Emotional Resilience Therapist and Coach | Student Mentor | Entrepreneur | Energy Healer

About me

I'm fascinated by most things in the world and have always had an interest in helping others.

Really love working with people, systems and processes and also love nature and want to get more into growing my own food after having an allotment years ago and I miss it.

As a therapist I specialise in emotional trauma release. As a business coach, I specialise in focusing on making the worst job one of the easiest through systemising, organising and building confidence.

As a therapist and business coach, there isn't much that my clients can't bring to the table that we can work on as I take a holistic approach.

Coaching / therapy modalities

I use the following paradigms in my 1:1 practice:

The Three Principles, (Inside out way of thinking) - for life long change.

Time Line TherapyTM - for emotional trauma release.

Energy Healing - for intuitively shifting stagnant energy.

NLP - only a tiny bit these days - mainly for reframing and use in coaching.

Life experience - this is my best tool. Something I was lacking 10 years ago, a lots happened since then. I didn't realise how important this component was which why I took a hiatus from coaching and therapy.

How I got here

I received my degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Sheffield Hallam in 2007 but afterwards I became far more interested in psychology and therapy.

I took on various admin jobs whilst studying NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnosis to Master Practitioner level and created a grand plan as to how I was going to change the world (as does any ambitions 23 year old) only to realise I had absolutely no clue about marketing - this is where by business journey began.

I changed focus and I ended up on the other side of the world in San Diego learning about video marketing. On returning to the UK I set up a limited company and start helping businesses get found online and this took me on a journey of discovering accounting, networking, web development, design, leadership and a host of other skills I picked up along the way.

In 2016 I trained as a Clarity Coach with Jamie Smart and since then things started getting interesting.

I was headhunted by an agency in 2017 to work in the first public facing Google store, The Digital Garage, in Sheffield.

In 2019 I flew to Tenerife and renovated and rebranded an excursion shop with my mate Steve and came back just in time for lockdown - yay!

The past 2-3 years I've spent refining myself, learning about crypto currency, the financial and debt based system we live in, the Tartarian empire, the mud floods and how history repeats itself.

I've started my journey of spirituality and recently completed a diploma in Energy Healing and Sound Therapy and have begun to think of the world like Nicolas Tesla suggested, as energy, frequency and vibration. The world is now even more fascinating to me.

Whats next for me

Over the next 3-4 years I want to really refine my coaching and therapy skills and get even better. I want to help as many people as I can to break out of old and outdated paradigms of thought that has been programmed into us by society.

I will sort out my debts and pay back all my friends and family that have been supporting me over the past 15 years whilst I've bumbled through, what I will only describe as my extended university of life!

I will launch a wellbeing brand, UPP Wellbeing, and use some of the money to fund charity work.

I want to eventually buy a beautiful space where I can run workshops and grow food and further educate others.

I also want to be the best uncle to my 2 nephews and 2 nieces.

My niece Lili

But most importantly, I want to help you to level up your life in some way, even if it's tiny, by providing you with some sort of value through this website that you can take away with you and perhaps share with others. This is my real mission, to be service to others and helping the collective consciousness move into a more positive and fulfilling place.

Thank you for reading this far and I really hope that you get something of value from this website and I hope to catch you at one of the events.

Much love

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