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Training to be a Living Nutrition Practitioner

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21 Aug
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've been wanting to learn about nutrition for a long while. Ever since I learnt that health is directly related to what you put inside of yourself I realised it was an area I wanted to explore some more one day.

Before I start the course though, I thought I'd document some high level principles of where I'm currently at and perhaps get a conversation going around it.


Alkalinity is an important factor from what I know so far.

The body thrives in an alkaline state and does everything it can to keep it's pH above 7.

The only place acid is produced is in the stomach and even then, if the acidity gets too high, the body would rather push it up your oesophagus and give you acid reflux than keep it inside where it could cause damage to bodily processes.

Paying attention to which foods are alkaline and making sure you eat plenty is key.

The closer to source the better

The source being, the source of energy which is the sun.

I try to think how old is the stored sunlight that I'm eating and how pure is it? Had it been processed and chemically altered?

E.g. a carrot in my garden is made from light that is only a month or two old where as the light in a burger starts off in chemically treated grain fields which gets eaten by a cow and turned into meat which is then processed into a burger so the light could well be a few years old in comparison.

So in order of importance

  1. Sunlight - on your skin and in through your eyes
  2. Freshly picked home grown organic vegetables
  3. Store bought fresh organic veg
  4. 2 and 3 preserved in any way
  5. And then anything inorganic as above
  6. Anything processed from least about to most amount.
Eat as few processed foods as possible

Have an 8 hour eating window

Keep your eating within a certain time frame

I don't buy into the idea of eating little and often.

When I don't have breakfast I find my energy levels a lot more stable. Once I eat, my mind becomes slightly distracted and just wants more.

Sticking to the same 8 hour eating window each day gives your body plenty of time to spend energy on maintenance and repair of the cells.

I aim to only begin eating at 2pm (I get up around 10am for perspective).


And that's about it really. I generally try to keep things simple and these principles help me do so.

I know when I start the course I'll no doubt be given lots of information that will perhaps make things more complicated but I will always do my best to keep things simple.

If you want to stay in the loop on my journey into learning about nutrition, sign up to my list as I'll be noting buys of my journey in there.



Final Thoughts

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10 Jul
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21 Aug


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