How to make kimchi - simple and delicious

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23 Aug
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asy peasy Kimchi - keep it simple (some recipes over complicate it.

Simple overview, chopped and salted cabbage (for 30 mins) and chopped veg put into a sealed jar and burped for 5-10 days. That's it.

This is the recipe I learnt from my mate Chris.


(organic or homegrown where possible)

1 Cabbage

2-3t Salt (either sea salt or Himalayan, not the chemically made white table salt)

Peppercorns (small handful)

2 Carrots

3-4 radishes (round ones, unlike those beasts in the video!)

Ginger (a thumbs worth)

Garlic (you decide)

Chilli flakes (you decide)

Celery (optional)


Chop up cabbage and salt it in a bowel for half an hour at least - 2 hours preferable.

(chop to the size that you can fit into your mouth. Doesn't have to be too fine or anything.)

Mix in the other veg and ingredients after chopping (chop as thin as you like)

Whack it in a jar with a clip lid and seal.

For 5-10 days, release the pressure at least once a day, more if it's a really hot day.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and throw away if it smells properly rank.

Kimchi is obviously fermented cabbage so does have an odour but there shouldn't be anything growing on it and your nose will alert you if there is something nasty on there.

Final Thoughts

The only way I've eaten it so far, is with a bit of peanut butter on a cracker. We ate one on bread at the workshop, that was way less messy. I feel like I've not been very adventurous at all with it yet. I do wonder what it would be like with curry?

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6 Aug
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