Bedtime routine for best sleep

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30 Apr
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he trick to getting to sleep is to install a solid routine that you can stick to. If you've ever raised children, you'll know how important that bedtime routine is. Well. it's the same for adults.

Both when you begin to wind down on an evening and when you get up in the morning and what you do during these times will affect your sleep.


Have a specific time that you start your routine. e.g. 10pm.

Open the windows to your bedroom to let fresh air in and cool the room down if it's hot.

Turn phone off (you'll get used to this after a few days and actually begin to enjoy the calmness that not having a phone brings.)

Write in your journal what the highlights of the day was. What was good, what could be improved upon.

Write todo list for next day. Start this well before bedtime if possible. Keep a pen and paper next to bed if need be.

Chi Kung routine - stretching before bed (like a cat does).

Drink water (optional - experiment with this. It's different for each person. Some prefer to be hydrated, some it interfered with needing to go to the toilet. Listen to your body).

Read a fiction book (optional). Fiction is good to get the imagination going before sleep.

Bed and lights out

Should take roughly 1 hour.


In the mornings use a daylight simulation light to rest your circadian rhythm. is perfect for this.

If you don't get proper light in the mornings, you body doesn't fully wake up so you end up more awake in the evenings.

Exercise. Either stretch, yoga, run or gym. If not in the morning, at some point during the day get some exercise where you're expending energy and getting your blood pumping

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20 Jun
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15 Jul

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