Private Coaching

For if you feel like there is more to life that you want to tap into
Areas served

What this type of coaching is for

If you’re serious about having the most fulfilling life and know there are areas which you want to improve in, this coaching may be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Essentially this is aimed at revealing the very best version of yourself. That version of you that you know exists inside of you.

It is perfect for the kind of things which daily life throws up at you. Things it may include are:

  • Confidence
  • Decisions
  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Family
  • Loss
  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Stress

This is also great if you’re wanting to change your outlook on life or want to make changes. I’ll show you how to develop a mindset which will allow you to move more effortlessly through each of the challenges which come up.

What this coaching is not

This is not just a few sessions to help with a specific problem. Whilst your specific problems will be resolved, this is so much more.

It’s not a quick fix.  It’s not something that you need to keep coming back for once you’ve gone through a programme. It’s not something which will wear off after a period of time. It’s not gimmicky and process driven.

Why get a coach?

If time and energy is precious to you, having a coach is essential to speeding things up and saving energy.

You can achieve so much more having a coach be with you every step of the way. It’s the shortcut to allowing you to live an amazing life.

If you want to get stuff done and make something of your life – instead of just thinking about it, getting a coach is the answer.

How it works

Before you make any investment, there are a few things which need to happen first.

I work with my clients in a number of different ways to suit each individual circumstance. To get an idea of how we could possibly work together, we firstly need to get to know each other.

I operate a try before you buy kind of thing. Here’s how:

  1. Fill out a very straight forward application form (link below)
  2. You’ll then be sent a link to book in a 1 hour coaching session with me over Skype.

The first session

It’s important that you find the right coach for you so this first session allows you decide if you feel I’m right for you.  It also allows me to get a sense of you and if I think I can help you.

It will be a real coaching session so there will be real value to it.

If after this session, if there are any obvious next steps, we will book in a follow up session where I will propose a way forward depending on each of our schedules.

Next Steps

Use the link below and complete the application form.

Click here to apply

What you can expect

Develop a great mindset
Increased effectiveness
Greater self-awareness
Deeper connection with others
Fun and Enjoyment
A clear purpose
Increased creativity
Drive and motivation

Imagine waking up one morning with a feeling of calm, of knowing that everything is going to be OK. From that feeling comes internally generated love and energy which drives you to do all the things you want to do easily and effortlessly. This is what you can expect from private coaching.

Results From Previous Clients

"Paul's clarity of mind and ability to see and cut through issues to the core is remarkable. And his exceptional care, gentleness and understanding of you in doing so is palpable. Fabulous connectivity and comprehension of humanity and how to grow from, through and beyond our restrictions is outstanding. I have rarely met such an intuitive, warm and personable coach."

Lisa McCorrie (Mental Health & Well Being Specialist)

"Coaching with Paul was absolutely revolutionary and it has transformed every aspect of my life. It immediately changed the way I felt about the problems in my life. I re-found hope and passion and started to feel true excitement again! I wake up with a lot more energy. My physical health has vastly improved and any situations which now arise, I have suitable tools to overcome them and view them as opportunities rather than obstacles."

Rob P Brown (Author and Speaker)

"Having worked with Paul I'm far more effective, can deal with stress in situations, think things through more clearly and have become more confident with myself and aware of the value of my time. I feel great about it and would recommend people on the fence give it a go"

John Parkin (Mortgage Adviser)