How it works

Clubhouse used to be restricted to iphone but that's not been the case for a while now. All you need is an Android or iphone and you can sign up.

The platform is now open to all
  • Listen to topics that interest you
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Regain trust in people (this is nothing like Facebook or Twitter)
  • Chat in the comments
  • Join in the conversation if you have something to add

What is clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a fantastic platform that brings people and their ideas together creating communities of like minded people.

Clubhouse is an audio experience, like a podcast but live and you can sometimes join in (depending on how the room is set up).

The audience

You first join in the audience. Here you can been seen (as if you were at a talk in real life) however you cannot be heard.

You can click on peoples profiles and see what kind of thing they are interested in, you can chat with others in the room via1:1 messaging service called backchannel.

The stage

You can raise you hand and be called onto the stage. Or you can be invited up by one of the moderators.

Once you are on the stage, you are free to talk. You can unmute yourself and even have the capability to speak over others. Like in real life, you are now representing yourself so it's best to be polite and give others room to speak as it's a wonderful feeling when people give you space to air your point.

The moderators

Moderators are the ones with the green star by their profile photo.

They can mute people, remove them from the stage and back into the audience and kick them out the room entirely - although I've never seen this. Often if someone's been rude and out of place they end up leaving.

There can be as many moderators as you want.

What else is good about clubhouse?

Moderators can pin a link to the top of the room for people to click on.

You can out your Instagram and Twitter link in your profile.

You get to represent yourself in your energetical body so people can feel your presence (the voice is powerful) rather than just being text on a page which can often be misunderstood.

You find some increadibly intelligent and knowledgeable people on the platform because of how niche the rooms can be - including you! I bet there is a topic that you'll be on fire when talking about! Will this is what makes clubhouse special - you can find those rooms - or create them.

Inside a club/room. All those you can see are on the stage. MJ is talking because of the grey circle around his photo. The green stars are mods.

Endorse others in the form of a nomination

(For new accounts. So only if they haven't signed up for clubhouse yet).

If you are invited to the platform, the invitee gets a little mention at the bottom of your profile as their "Nominee".

It can be quite nice to be nominated on the platform especially when first starting out as you can go of the back of that person credibility and they can help you get started on the platform.

If you would like me as your nominee, I'd be happy to show you the ropes, just fill out the purple box and I'll email you the details.

Note: for it to work you have to put the persons email address into an invite box inside the app BEFORE they sign up.

Instructions to getting started:

This is suitable for both iPhone and android.

If you want to be nominated and have that person's endorsement at the bottom of your profile, do that before signing up.

Download from app store

You can use your name or alias as your username just like Instagram.

For your profile, you can start by writing 4 or 5 things that you are interested in. Even if just bullet points. Once you are on the app, you'll see how other people use their profiles and you'll get ideas on how to do yours.

Hopefully see you at one of the clubhouse events soon :)