Have you ever driven back from work only to get home and have no recollection of the journey? That is most likely your brain in autopilot mode.

We spend quite a lot of time going about our day in autopilot as it is a superb way to carry out mundane tasks. The question is, when you are on autopilot, are you going to a destination which you have chosen and really want?

Making sure you are focused on what you want will mean that when you switch into autopilot, you’ll be moving towards your goals.

Your own inbuilt autopilot is known as the unconscious mind. It is such a powerful part of the mind and can produce exceptional results in your life as long as you tell it exactly the destination of YOUR choosing.

A little about what the unconscious mind does

The unconscious mind is the part of the mind which carries out all of the things you don’t think about consciously i.e. they happen automatically without your conscious attention.  Internal processes such as feelings, habits and behaviours are controlled by the unconscious mind.


The conscious and unconscious mind are directly linked and can be easily understood as the conscious mind being the ‘manual’ part of our mind and the unconscious mind being the ‘automatic’ part.

Our lives are like a series of flights on a plane

Our lives are made up of small goals similar to a series of flights. Each flight needs preparation, a destination and some autonomy (autopilot).


In preparation for a flight, things like numbers of passengers and amount of food will be checked. Just like when we prepare for the next stage in our lives we need to check certain things, for example that we:

  • Have good conscious thought processes. See post on Internal Dialogue and Thinking Positively
  • Make sure we have the right people around us
  • Know what we need to know or know where to find the information when we need it
  • Have the correct mind set
  • Have the right attitude and beliefs
  • Have good habits

“Successful people form the habit of doing what failures don’t like to do”
Earl Nightingale, 1921-1989,

Choose your destination

Knowing where the plane is going to land is really important for a successful flight. Similarly if we have no idea where we are going, how can we possibly be expected to go anywhere successfully? Setting your goal is key to getting to your destination.

Switching to autopilot

Once you have done your preparation, set your goal, you can then rest assured because by then you’ll have:

  • A clear and specific goal or a destination
  • The correct beliefs to match your goal
  • Good habits
  • Appropriate behaviour
Note: The unconscious and subconscious mind are both exactly the same thing however the word unconscious is preferred as it describes what it is better.

Have you ever been aware of your autopilot?

I found it a strange experience at first and then it really intrigued me.