After studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University I went on to work at Johnson and Johnson for nearly a year and a half where I realised I was more interested in psychology and the human condition than I was working in a laboratory.

I began in 2008 studying the mastery models of NLP, Timeline Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching. I learnt cutting edge techniques to overcome fear, anxiety and remove emotional baggage. I’ve helped people move towards a goal-oriented lifestyle where they were free of the negative emotions holding them back.

For a while it seemed like I had everything I needed in order to be successful in life. I had acquired knowledge from my NLP trainings, marketing courses, business seminars, time management training, podcasts, books, and even university.

I believed that with all the knowledge, systems, formulas and processes that I couldn’t do anything BUT be successful. This, however, was not the case.

The problem with all this information was that it was not addressing the most important aspect of me experiencing a successful life - my mindset.

Mindset is the single most important ingredient in any given moment which will allow you to operate at your potential.

In 2016 I discovered something completely new in the field of coaching which is proving to be a game changer. In February 2016 I embarked on a 20 month coaching programme which has allowed me to see beyond everything I previously knew in the field of personal development and high performance.

I now coach using the principles in which I am being coached. Already I’m noticing a marked difference in the results my clients are seeing. It’s starting to prove to me that this REALLY works.

My life is now the most balanced it’s ever been. Interestingly, on the outside not a lot appears to have changed. I still rent a house in Sheffield, drive the same car and have the same friends BUT, something profound has shifted.

I now have an inner knowing that everything is OK. From this ‘okayness’, a mindset has emerged which, as a result, my output has increased exponentially. This knowingness is what I now coach others in and the results are starting to show.

These days I spend my time between helping others be more effective in what they do, writing online content, writing my first book, playing the piano (which I recently started once my mindset shifted), cooking and paying an interest in growing food (something else I now prioritise).

We are living in an exciting time in the field of psychology and I love working with others who are curious about what the implications of this could be for them.

If this is you and you want to explore how to improve your personal or professional life, I’d love to hear about what you want to achieve. Get in touch.

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